These days perfume bottles are found in almost every household and used by practically every member of the family for the better fragrance regardless of the gender, or the age of the family member. But what do you do with your empty perfume bottles? Most likely bin it into the garbage, but after reading this post, you will not treat them as a waste item.

Yes, here we are sharing some innovative & creative ways about how to reuse the perfume bottle once the fragrance gets empty. Have you ever notice that each perfume bottle contains some unique shape, size, and color which makes them attractive. Hence these can be used in the home decoration in several ways, but it is not the only way to use them. 

Several types of research say that some perfume bottle with unique color such as pink, gold, silver, blue, and yellow are more popular than the others. In term of perfume bottle size, the most popular or required bottle size varies from 3ml to 500ml. Due to its attractive color and various size, the empty perfume bottles can be used in multiple ways, out of all some of them is listed below:

  1. Can be used as decorative pieces:Like it fragrances the perfume bottles are also attractive. Its attractive appearance makes them suitable for use as a decorative piece. You can use them for the table decoration in the living room, and an empty perfume container can be a great candle holder.
  2. May be used as reed diffusers:
    Most of the time air inside your house doesn’t smell good which can be annoying in this an empty fragrance bottle can help you with this. You can use an empty perfume container as a diffuser with fragrance oil which will help you to keep your insider air smell beautiful every day.
  3. Can be used to keep your jewelry pieces:This can be surprising for you, but empty fragrance bottles can be used to keep your pieces of jewelry. Most of the ladies forget their expensive jewels in the bathroom & some other place, and while getting ready for some parties and outing forget where the jewelry is, hence using empty perfume bottles as jewelry box can a good idea.
  4. It can be used as a pill case:If you regularly take medicine but tired of carrying bag or digging through your bag to find your dose, then this innovative idea can help you. There are several benefits of using perfume bottles as your pill case such as easy to carry and you don’t have to worry about losing of your pills or having them scattered inside your bag.
  5. May be used as Toy makeup For Kids:
    Most of the female child is genuinely fascinated by the mother’s makeup tool. Hence instead of buying a new makeup set of toy use perfume empty bottles.

Naturally, there are various other innovative & creative ways to use empty bottles of perfume. Hence think innovative and use them in different ways instead of throwing them like garbage. 

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‘Diwali’ is the festival that brings all the families, relatives, friends and neighbors together with the mood for celebration; as this is the festive occasion when the Lord is worshiped praying for prosperity, and enjoying delicacies, crackers, fireworks, new clothing and the warmth of relationships as well. We can make this festive occasion much more memorable sending fabulous gifts to the loved ones to their doorsteps through the online gifts shopping portals. The online gift stores would be flooded with the most appropriate gift ideas for this occasion; and thus, help us to strengthen the ties with our loved ones.

Here are some gift ideas online, especially offered for Diwali:

Bird Lamp:
This home décor gift idea is among the Diwali gifts that are quite modern in looks with a traditional touch. The lamp can be a beautiful gift for Diwali as it is the festival of lights, and the lamp can be used to decorate the interiors of homes. This lamp is made out of a plain glass bottle painted with the colorful images of birds with the arrangement of the overhead ‘shelter’ to make it like a night lamp in the bedroom.

Lord Ganesh Design Coasters:
Coasters are used to keep the coffee and tea mugs to avoid the stains on the desk. This set of coasters is artistically engraved with the facial image of Lord Ganesh who is the God of knowledge and worshiped at the beginning of almost every religious occasion. Thus, the religious significance added to the home décor article makes this coaster set the perfect Diwali gift idea.

Hand Painted Necklace Marble Wall Painting:
This beautiful wall painting is artistically crafted in the shape of the necklace made with marble and the colorful additions showing the gems and stones on it. This wall painting reflects the art and prosperity and thus would be loved by the receiving families on the special occasion of Diwali. This painting not only adds beauty to the home décor but also reflects the prayers to the Lord to bring enormous wealth and great fortune for the loved ones.

Foot Print Design Silver Mirror:
The silver mirror in the shape of the footprints can be hung on the wall for beautiful looks. The concept behind this image of feels quite spiritual. These silver images of the feet are believed to be the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, who blesses the people with prosperity and wealth. So, by gifting this beautiful home décor article we can wish for the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on the subsequent family.

Ethnic Design Wall Mount:
This wall mount is made of decorated wood in the shape of a shelf, added with different shapes of ceramic pots with artistic designs on them. This wall mount adds glory and glamour to the living room. The beloved family members and the other loved ones would admire this gift, as it helps them to decorate their homes for the festive occasion of Diwali. is the most reliable online gifts shopping portal to get affordable Diwali gift ideas shipped to the doorstep of the desired loved ones. offers a wide range of surprises suitable for various occasions.

Personalised clocks are perfect gifts for any occasion when you want someone to remember you whenever he or she sees time in the clock. Personal touch to any gift makes it unique and adds life to it so why not to amaze your dear and near ones through personalised clocks and makes the occasion memorable for them. So here in this blog, we will be focusing on a few personalised clocks gift ideas which you can think of whenever you want to gift something special to your near and dear ones.

Heart shaped wooden clock- A heart-shaped wooden clock on a stand having one beautiful photo looks amazing when you gift to someone. This clock comes in perfect size and so can be kept on a study table. The photograph is mainly printed on the body of the watch and looks like an ultimate gift for any occasion.

Square shaped black clock- The Square shaped wall clock looks great when hanged in the living room. You can gift this square shaped black clock having a personalised photo on the dial of the clock to your mother on mother’s day. As this clock is light in weight she can hang this clock in her room and can always feel your presence whenever you are away from her. 

Name personalised wall clock- This is a wooden clock which is round in shape and has some beautiful images printed on it. The best part of this wall clock is that it can be personalised with two names. This is one of the best gift items which can be given to couples for their anniversary day.

So you can pick any of these personalised clocks and can gift to your loved ones on any occasion. 

The girlfriends would be one of the top priorities for the youngsters that would desperately wait for every opportunity to impress her. The feel of love would be the rare experience for the young couples. However, this divine bond would keep them united through various ups and downs the life brings.

The boys would look for gifts for girls online on various occasions such as her birthday and Valentine’s Day to make her feel special and to enjoy the smile on her face. The online gift stores would be the best source to get fantastic gift ideas that would be remembered for years. The girls would usually like something cute and meaningful as gifts irrespective of its cost. Thus the boyfriends need to be a bit choosy while gifting something to their beloved girlfriends.

Gift combo of teddy bear, chocolates and flower bouquet:

This gift combination would bring both surprise and delight for the recipient girlfriends. Aspirant boys can buy gifts for girlfriend online that would leave them overwhelmed. The teddy bear in color combination of pink and white or red and white would reflect romance and affection. Similarly, their cutest appearance would make the girlfriend fall in love with the boyfriend ones again. The chocolates are universally accepted gifts on a variety of happy occasions as the rich taste and crunch or creamy feel would be loved by all the people all over. Flower bouquet would add glory to the combination. The soothing aroma and eye-catching appearance of the flower bouquets in a variety of combinations would be loved by the recipient girlfriends as the flowers would bring happiness and freshness on the occasion of the birthday or even Valentine’s Day. Thus The gift combo would be a treasure of fulfilling surprises for the recipient girlfriends.

Coffee mug with customized text and image:

Elegant looking coffee mugs in black color would be the most suited gifts for a variety of occasions. This would be one of the Unique Gifts For Girlfriend. These coffee mugs can be made much suitable for the occasion by adding some text and images on them. The text message such as: ‘I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, DARLING. I LOVE YOU’ would turn the coffee mug into an interesting and romantic gift. The gift sites would also offer coffee mugs with images of cartoon couples hugging each other. The images would make the recipients remember the best moments spent with their boyfriends during their intimate encounters.